Asian shares tumble after US jobs data Wall St.

On strong US jobs data, interest rates are expected to rise further and Asian stocks fell on Wednesday after Wall Street weakened China's manufacturing activity. Moya 

has said, if the labor market does not break down and consumers remain weak, Wall Street is likely to start raising rates for February and March. 

Shaghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong have also fallen Oil prices have also risen by one dollar per barrel 

Boll  Street has fallen 1.1 percent to 3986.16, due to which its fall has come down to 5.5 percent in the last five days. Was. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1 percent to 31790.87. The Nasdaq Composite fell 1.1% to close at 11883.14 The 

US government said there were 11.2 million open jobs as of the end of July 

up from 11 million in June and now the June figure has been revised again